Background and Raison d’Etre

In 1987, several parents got together in the corridor of St. Rita’s Church in Dallas, Texas and laid out the vision of Chinese education for their children. This vision became a reality with the establishment of the Sacred Heart Chinese Catholic church in 1993. The Sacred Heart Chinese School became a part of the church organization in 1995. After 15 years of operation, we are reaping the fruits of our labor. Some of the first students of the school are now in universities or in the workforce. Some have returned as teachers teaching Chinese to the next generation. We never thought that such a simple wish of teaching Chinese culture and language to our children would blossom into a tradition that can be carried out generation after generation. 

We often ask ourselves, as a faith-based organization, why did we establish a Chinese language school? As we watch our students, ages 6 to 17, develop in school, the answer is clear. The existence of the Chinese school, is an expression of God’s love for the children, parents and teachers in an interactive, mutually supportive teaching environment. 

At the end of the semester, the children perform in a closing ceremony. With their innocent and lively performance, the children are able to showcase what they have learned during the semester. This ceremony is the highlight of our Chinese School -- a moment of immense pride and joy for students, teachers, and parents.


The Vision of the Sacred Heart Chinese School is to preserve and propagate the beauty and tradition of Chinese culture and to serve the Chinese youth of the Dallas-Fort Worth region by teaching them the rich and enduring heritage of Chinese cultural patrimony for their intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth and development.

Our School’s Mission

  1. Provide a happy and enjoyable learning experience
  2. Use Chinese instruction to enrich the student’s growth
  3. Introduce the essence of Chinese culture in instruction of language
  4. Realize the truth, life lessons, and principles of human interactions through cultural activities
  5. Provide
  6. Demonstrate God’s love through a learning environment
  7. small class size so each student will have more individual attention

Our Principles of Instruction

Our school’s primary principle in teaching Chinese is to engage students by utilizing teaching methods that are based on their interests in a nurturing environment. Our school’s curriculum is designed with interaction and fun activities in mind. At the same time, we emphasize Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through application of the Chinese language in their daily life. In addition, our school uses up-to-date technologies and materials to facilitate their learning. 

We have also developed appropriate cultural activities for each level of students, including Confucius philosophy, ancient poems, stories of moral, ethics and saints. Other cultural themes include introduction of historical context of major festivals, such as Lunar Chinese New Year celebration, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat and Mid-Autumn Festivals. For understanding the mystery of God’s love, we strongly encourage the students and their families to integrate these cultural and historical practices in parallel with Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations.